Green Interiors

Global warming

This is a topic which gained a lot of importance since the last decade. The adverse effects of global warming are experienced and witnessed by almost every human being in this universe. Many factors are the basic reason for the destruction of nature. Concrete roads, massive reflective buildings, and many other factors are found to be harmful. Designers and Architects play an important and leading role in the conservation of nature. The concept of green building has arrived for the same factor. To exploit natural resources properly, using them without harming nature is an important task for designers. The frequency of natural disasters’ occurrence has increased to a large extent recently. Earthquakes, tsunamis, or melting of ice in Antarctica are happening due to the natural imbalance in the environment. 


Role of an interior designer

Now, how can an Interior Designer control these factors in designing and implementation? The basic materials for interiors are timber and plywood. Timber and plywood are obtained by cutting down trees which finally result in destruction of forests. The use of artificial materials like MDF and PVC boards can help in saving trees and forests. These boards are manufactured from waste materials and hence are not harmful to the environment.  



Bamboos can be extensively used in interior designing work. The production of bamboos can be made on a large scale and cutting down bamboo is not harmful to nature. Beautiful layouts and workouts can be done with the help of bamboo. Also, it can be easily bent to obtain the desired shape. 



The use of laminates can also save trees to a large extent. The use of veneer can be reduced by the use of laminates. Veneers are manufactured by cutting down trees. Whereas, laminates are artificially prepared without using wood. Thus, an interior designer can also play a major role in the conservation of nature.  

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Animals are slaughtered and killed in large numbers. The killing of animals, again creates an imbalance in nature. Animals are killed and the skin is removed to manufacture leather. This leather is used for the covering of cushions over furniture. Cloth, Canvas or rexine can be used instead of leather. Recently, there has been a new development. The leather is manufactured 

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from the cactus plant. It is abundantly found and is found to be of least importance. The leather is named as Deserto.  It is a highly sustainable plant-based vegan-leather made from cactus. The idea of using this raw material was conceived because this plant does not need any water to grow, and there is plenty of it throughout the world.



An interior designer can create fantastic internal space with proper planning and proper orientation of spaces. The placing of openings and windows can give the best comfort for the end-user. The direction of windows, concerning the sun and wind can save electricity which again is a major factor concerned with nature. The use of natural openings in the top slab can reduce the use of bulbs to a large extent. The roof sloping in the south direction can be used for the placing of solar panels.  


Finally, an interior designer can prove themselves as a key person to save nature by green interiors.




Nitin Waghulde

Dean, DIDT Campus

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