Professional Diploma in Fashion Designing (1 year )

Diploma in Fashion Designing course introduces basic figures, basic design principles including color and proportion, technical drawings, basic sewing techniques, tools used, garment and clothing details. In this course, students learn to develop and edit collections and also, study current fashion trends. Diploma in Fashion Designing is a 2-year full-time course. It will help you prepare for a career as a fashion designer, help you learn about the history of fashion, and how past trends influence today’s market. You will develop practical skills in the areas of design development and gain an understanding of various textile fibers, yarns, and fabric utilized in production and where to source them from. You will also learn how to construct garments and how to create, finance, and market a clothing label.

Duration : 1 year Certificate Course

Affiliation : Maharashtra State Self Employment Board (M.S.T.B) & Approved by state Govt. of Maharashtra

Admission Criteria : SSC/HSC

Syllabus :

1. Element of Design and Source of Fashion

  • Understanding the basic Elements of Design – Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value,
    Texture and Space
  • Design Inspiration, Sketch book and Sketchbook Inspiration, Resource Folders,
    Filing your Visuals, Research and Design & Various fashion terminologies

2. Fashion Illustration 

  • The Fundamentals of Drawing, Fashion Figure Basics, Anatomy & Poses,
    Drawing Garments & Outfits, Mixed Media Rendering

3. Pattern Making and Garment Construction

  • Drafting and stitching of:
    Basic blocks, Top, Blouses, Skirt, Western wear and Finishing techniques.

4. Surface Ornamentation

  • Running stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, Satin stitch, feather stitch, button-hole
  • Knotted stitches, French knot, Bullion knot.
  • Cut work, Patch work, Ribbon work, Bead and Sequins work, Fabric Painting.

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