Change Your Mind set

Arranging spaces, according to human comfort, activity, requirements, keeping in        mind circulation with proper application of materials, and technology, is DESIGN        or it is much more and beyond it.

– Providing the most needed cutlery tray at the right hand side of women, working          in the kitchen is a part of design.

– Breaking the rules of anthropometric and designing for 5’0″ or 6’0″ person in a part      of design.

– Fixing light in O.T. (operation theatre) of proper intensity and at a proper height

is a part of design.

-Providing proper electrical points, in a hospital, according to equipment, machines

and procedures  is a part of design.

-Designing according to future expansion and technological upgradation is a part of       design.

-Design according to logistics, in an industrial project, saving time and money is a

part of designing.

-Designing proper turning radius and ramp in car showroom along with parking areas   is a

part of design.

-Keeping in mind the old handicap blind and kids is a part of design

so we can say that a sensitive and emotional person, with good observation

power, can be a good designer.

But, all of the above only fulfills the requirements, the space should have its own identity, commercial value, within which you experience and calm nice, cosy an a homely feeling as if the space belongs to you and is designed only for you , it should

have its own energy vibration emotional core and a soul of its own.

-Luxury in a hotels Calm in a spiritual spaces

-Relaxing in a spa.

-Taken care and feeling hospital

-Focus in theater

Each of the above besides having different requirements, should provide you with a certain kind of experience, and if a designer succeeds in doing so he gives justice to space and create an identity for it.

The designer should be able to understand client on social, culture, economical level so that he design the best for him.

The new space also should be camouflage with the old one

A sparrow is the best designer in a nature, who design nest for the little ones.