How to become modern Interior Designer

The word modern means relating to present or recent times as opposed to the remote past. Modern interior designing takes us to straight lines, minimalistic colour use, and use of material like glass and metal.

In short, we can say modern interior designing is equal to the sleek interior as there we don’t use a lot of accessories to do this. A sense of simplicity in each element of the design is modern interior designing.

By following the latest interior Trends in Interior Designing one can become a modern interior designer. Below are some latest & easy trends.  

VERTICAL GARDEN- Natural green has been used trend in modern interior designing for the last 2 years. people nowadays are loving and looking for a floor to ceiling green decor in modern interior designing. Indoor plants and vertical gardens cannot be missed as decoration as they offer a space of relaxation and tranquillity as we can combine them with mirrors, wooden patterns & many more materials so can be done anywhere in residential as well as commercial premises.

Ukrainian Apartment with Vertical Wall Gardens-

BEAUTIFUL BLACK- Black colour has been becoming favourite in recent in modern interior designing and definitely will remain so for an indefinite period. Black colour brings strength to a room which coherent characteristics of modern spaces from cabinets, countertops, sink, furniture, wall colours, upholstery and many more blacks will be one of the top trends in modern interior designing. Black is a colour which we can combine with any other colour.

Colour negro y dorado,elegancia para espaciosinterioes


USE OF HUMBLE MATERIAL- Material like rattan, jute, bamboo, terracotta will be used more in modern interior designing. Rediscovery of traditions and craftsmanship with modern interior designing looks trendy it can be used in drugs, lamps, chairs, vessels, baskets, flowerpots, side and centre table, puffy, wall art and many more accessories. Use of natural material are still favourites to add warmth to modern interior designing.

Coastal living room with a large chunky jute rug, coffered ceiling


3D WALLS- Till now we use to use tiles only in the bathroom and kitchen for cleaning purpose but in modern interior designing will be using tiles into other areas of our spaces. Texture wall panel adds a tactile element to modern interior designing without making a gladiolus statement adding texture into your space throughout by 3D tiles, concrete tiles, PVC panel, wooden panels, or any other material will give your space a modern look and will serve better to you and your needs.

Art3d 3Dwall panels for interior decoration brick design pack of 6


MESMERIZING MARBLE- As a noble material marble with striking veins and endless colour and pattern choices that bring satisfaction as well as glamour to modern interior designing. Whether a small table or a whole marble wall it will add impact to timelessness to our modern interior designing.

19 glamorous marble interior design that will delight you-


COOL CURVY – Modern interior designing will come in different shapes and sizes and curves in one of them you expect to see it everywhere from architectural arcs, mirrors, bathtubs and of course in it will remain trendy for sofa and armchairs as well as in centre tables and many more.

Why our brain love curvy Architecture|Co.Design| business + design


VERSATILE VELVET– velvet is a very easy way to add opulence and elegance and sophistication to any modern interior designing space. Velvet can be introducing anywhere in residential spaces like ottomans, curtains, furniture, pillows, rugs, armchairs and many more.

For your inspiration silk & velvet in Interior Design-


MATTE FINISHES- Smooth matte finish brings a sense of clean sophistication and relaxation to modern interior designing. The simplicity of matte surfaces allows the colours and design to be the focus rather than the texture of the materials. matte finish is a favourite to be incorporate of in any interior designing space and so can be used anywhere in modern interior design spaces

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Trends only guide us for designing an overall look of any aspect so if you love any other trends and style just use it don’t be scared because it is not in trend. Always design your space with your thinking and things which you find beautiful and works for you the most.




Pranjal Pathak

HOD, Interior Design Department

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