Importance of an Interior Designer in Renovation

Renovation this word is well known in the interior design industry. It means to restore to form a better space.

It also means upgrade, rebuild, rehabilitate. Being an interior designer, I have observed many people keep on thinking if they need an interior designer to upgrade, rebuilt their home? Or they can do it on their own? So, can save money by doing so?  The answer is that, an interior designer can add much value to your renovation work and at the same time will save a lot of money in many ways. By writing this blog, I will list out some benefits of hiring an interior designer for your renovation work.


1) It saves money: An interior designer helps you to stay on the decided budget. Hiring an interior designer who is having full knowledge of the design field as well as all the moving detail will not only save money but also get the best deal for your money. The designer even selects a qualified team for your dream project, always keeping the client’s choice in mind. 


2) It saves time: Planning and execution take a lot of time as well as efforts. So, hiring an interior designer saves your valuable time by already having knowledge of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. It reduces the time of research that is required for execution for the home renovation project.


3) It increases your resale value: Professionally designed homes are the priority of any buyer. Only the designer knows the up-gradation of market and competition. Professionally designed projects stand out in a competitive market.


4) Professional touch: Proper, perfect, and effective utilization of space is done only by interior designers who know to convert that space beyond its’ beauty, As well to increase its’ functionality. As designers are trained to think creatively, they always deliver wonderful results. An interior designer is familiar with current trends, hence they can perfectly blend your expectation, current trend, and allotted budget (means money-saving…..that is what you want…right?) 


Why hire an interior designer for your renovation project? 


Hiring an interior designer will not only give you good results but you will also get the execution right from the start of your project to the end of it, all well planned.

Designers customize design a house that will perfectly fit your every need and choice. An interior designer will make sure that your home is special in every way. Experience also counts a lot. Anyone can differentiate renovation done by an interior designer vs. self-done renovation style like homemade pizza vs. ordered pizza (it reminds me of lockdown…..) it adds status value. 

Ono suggestion: Many times, what happens, people start their renovation project by their own designs, after proceeding a little ahead, they realize that to complete the project is a tough task. In the middle of the work, they ask the designer to proceed ahead anyway. Hire an interior designer, at the starting of the project, so that there will be fewer obstacles during the process and when your project renovation is done it will not only look beautiful but it will be well planned, highly functional and it will be a long-lasting property.





Sarika Kalantri

Lecturer, Interior Design Department

7 thoughts on “Importance of an Interior Designer in Renovation”

    1. Nicely drafted spot on article.
      Useful for common man to take the right decision.

  1. Definately an interior designer has knowledge as well as he is quite acwintik with the material to be used according. To the used depending upon the topography ,life style of client and most important is that he can planned the sequence of work which will save time and money of client. It’s my observation that if any person starts his work without interior designer, he suffers the lot financially and no agency is answerable about the work. All agency continue to work on their style. So I think interior designer plays very important role in creating any dream house

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