Definition of popular career is changing nowadays! People have started opting for other fields than Medical and Engineering. If you are looking for a career full of creativity, Interior Designing is an excellent option for you. 

An Interior Designer is someone who works with a client to create aesthetic rooms and spaces. Clients range from homeowners to large corporations. The spaces and rooms Interior Designers create are equally varied, ranging from simple indoor and outdoor home environments to hotel lobbies and lavish mansions. No matter the size, every Interior Designer works to create spaces that are attractive yet functional. An Interior Designer creates indoor spaces that satisfy the client’s needs for aesthetics, safety, and function. Through the use of furniture placement, colour palettes, decoration, and functional décor. Interior Designer implies that there is more emphasis on planning, functional design, and the effective use of space, as compared to interior decorating. 

An Interior Designer can undertake projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building as well as projects that require an understanding of technical issues such as window and door positioning. Interior Designing is one of the best options, since there are many non- conventional options in Interior Designing career. An Interior Designer can also further work as a space stylist, Interior decorator, set designer, interior landscape designer, product designer and so on. Designers craft spaces that anticipate our needs and appeal to our emotions while pulling from a broad set of skills and technical knowledge. With the scarcity of space and rising land prices people have to compromise with comparatively less space for residential and commercial purpose, here comes the role of an Interior Designer, to plan proper utilization of spaces. 

The needs of people also change with changing trends; people prefer to change the interiors of their spaces. It is affordable to alter spaces and change Interiors than building new ones. We spend a major part of our lives indoors; interior spaces make a major impact on the day to day life the interior space should be functional, beautiful, safe, and convenient.

It is the designer’s responsibility to give all above mentioned qualities to the enclosed space while designing interior spaces. An Interior designer has to have a good balance between aesthetics, functions, and the economy. The skill is to show your creativity with available areas and available budget. Interior designers are in demand nowadays as they give commercial value to your space, provides ambiance to work efficiently, conveniently, and live comfortably with the available area. 

Interior designers are expected to have working knowledge of: Textiles, materials, color, space planning, sustainability, and more.


Structural requirements, health and safety issues, and building codes:

Today, interior designers work with contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers, and business and home owners. To become a successful interior designer, you need a well-rounded education and the skills to work within many disciplines (architecture; graphic design; decorative arts; and textile, furniture, and lighting design).

There are various paths that one can take to become a professional interior designer. All of these paths involve some form of training. Working with a successful professional designer is an informal method of training and has previously been the most common method of education. In many states, however, this path alone cannot lead to licensing as a professional interior designer. Training through an institution such as a college, art or design school or university is a more formal route to professional practice.

To be an Interior Designer one must achieve a diploma or degree course in interior design. After achieving the Diploma or Degree, there many work opportunities like working with an architectural firm, interior designing firm, builders office, furniture mall, or established one’s own firm. The career is full of new opportunities and creativity!



Siddhi Tekale

Lecturer, Interior Design Department


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    To have well designed interior spaces add value to your space. Very well explained blog by siddhi madam. It shows importance role of interior designer.

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