It is amazing to notice how time flies by. It seems just the other day when I witnessed this DIDT CAMPUS coming to life. The hassle and bustle within the structure, the commotion of the labors, the planning & re-planning of the designer, and then of course the shouting and organizing the disorganized. It was fun to be a part of all that. Today when I look back, now I realize…

OMG..ek saal hogaya?”


Let me walk you through those lanes of yesteryear, where I managed to capture a few glimpses.


Let me tell you, there is no picture 1 or pic 2, these are all random shots. Notice the crowd here. You must be wondering, all young labors working on such a big project? HAHAHAHAHA…. No my dear, they are the final year students of DIDT. These students grabbed this opportunity to learn the happenings & procedures of working on a live site. And yes, their suggestions were greeted with enthusiasm by the Architect & Designer Pankaj Pund. But only after scrutinizing the suggestions and debating the change in designs by the capable students.

In this particular image notice the light source from the window. The position of the sitting for the Vice Principal was changed by rotating the siting by 90 degrees. This would help the person to avoid the glaring reflections off the glass façade of the adjacent building, and yet illuminate the room from behind the person on the chair. It would also help the person to keep a notice at the students’ entrance opposite to his sitting.

“Haina Patay ki baat?”


Let’s go to the next image…


What do you notice here? Is anything wrong with this pic? Nah re…. pic is correct… showing what goes wrong while taking the measurement. Notice the sagging measuring tape. Surely the measurements deviate. Always make sure the instruments you handle at the site are up to the mark. Also one should know how NOT to use the instruments.




Aagey Badhe…..?


Hey… Did the design go wrong? HAHAHAHA… nana… the drafting went wrong. The POP work looks shabby when you have not checked and rechecked your POP design with your electrical layout. Silly mistakes can make the work on-site irritating to the laborers causing them for a rework. Lack of coordination between designers could lead to catastrophic results. It’s time the students learned about teamwork & team management. Again, the practical issues are better learned on the site.





Let’s have some more fun while we learn. What do we see here….? Quickly…at first sight…. 


I am sure you too will laugh out like me when I tell you the scenario. What I see here on the faces of the students is confusion, queries, doubts & the zeal to come up with effective solutions quickly. But tell you what? THAT’S AWESOMELY GOOD. All these emotions are bound to come when you imply yourself to the project you are in. and THAT is what designing is… SELF IMPLEMENTATION. In the above picture…. The students had drafted the electrical drawing perfectly, but when they see the wires hanging from everywhere, they are now confused KONSA WIRE KAHASE AYA…. You see, there comes a time when the student needs to learn from the labor too.





WHAT? All seems OK here? Not at all….. Let me explain. The interesting thing to learn here is we must NEVER take things for granted. 

See the vertical beam on the left? Also notice the roof height. Now notice the area above the window and the roof. See the hole in the wall below the beam I just mentioned? That’s the A.C. outlet. Scenario: where do I place the A.C. and how do I place a fan? Now to learn first, why did this situation arise? While drafting the beam position wasn’t considered. The floor height was taken for granted as to be 10 feet. Whereas the floor at the site is raised by 1.5 feet. A POP is also suggested in the drawing. That leaves you with no space for essential electrical equipment to be mounted. BEEP…. BEEP…. BEEP… there goes the alarm. Design failure. NOW, how do we overcome this scenario? AHA… the answer lies in studying in DIDT.



A designer just can’t wash off his hands by just designing and supplying the designs to the site in charge. It’s his keen eyes that will keep a close watch on the way the materials are stored. Especially if it is wood and veneer. The extensive hammering while creating furniture and partitions may crack the tiles and marbles on the flooring. What precautions should be taken to avoid such crucial accidents? Procedures to follow for giving proper finishing, like, tapping of the veneers to the ply, giving proper curing time, needs to be tracked. Do you think that’s all? What about the polishing off the sharp edges of the veneer on the ply? The user’s hands may cut when removing files from the drawers. So checking the finishing is a part of good design.





This pic here, just another day at work as usual. For the labors…. Yes, just another day at work. But something to learn from them. They are working on the veneer finish on a vertical wall. It requires quite an expertise as the sticking solution keeps drooling down while been applied on a vertical surface. Also working at a height of 10 feet calls for a need of a “Machan”. Here the laborers quickly use a door plank to make one. Easy, quick, safe & reusable. Utilisation of available resources makes you a proper EXPERT.






Before I call it a day, I would like to talk about this pic. Yes my students learned a lot THAT YEAR THIS DAY. Overcoming challenges laid down by their designs, debating, coming out with instant solutions & Making no compromises at all in work. Sleepless nights and constant brainstorming sessions left them with only one thing today…. SATISFACTION. This picture talks of that…. Look at the body posture, the command, the zeal to reach high. A package deal at DIDT!









Allow me to show you the end product of all the hard work to make this DIDT CAMPUS:













– Mr. Mrinmoy Dutta

(Vice Principal, DIDT Campus) 

4 thoughts on “THIS DAY – THAT YEAR… DIDT Campus”

  1. Nitin Waghulde

    The only place where proper planning and perfect implementation is learnt. The campus helps in converting the dreams to come true in reality of all young designers

  2. Husain Patrawala

    Studying in this college for the past 3years has been a wonderful and a very knowledgeable experience.
    We got to face a lot of challanges, yes! I say it in a positive voice because we were always taught to overcome them by our teachers guiding us with various insights.
    I can proudly say that I got to study at this college. I will always miss this college and my teachers but will not feel sad because I know that they have always helped me in these past years and I am sure they will always help me in the coming years of my career.
    As a student I’ve never felt alone here as I had one of the best classmates and I made some friends for life.
    This college has a very friendly environment where I never felt stupid to ask even the dumbest questions as my teachers always valued my queries and always answered them.
    Like all of us expect to be in a really cool college where we have equal ful with learning, yes! My college is fun.
    I wish my course was longer than this as it is going to be hard to leave after our exams.
    I’d say I was in the best college with the best faculties to learn form.
    They have helped me become a better designer.

  3. Ar. Smita Kulkarni

    Along with education Students are also involved in all college activities. Their suggestions are welcome and respected due to which they proudly say “My College”.Theory and practical goes hand in hand and this is how we make students market ready in DIDT Campus. Here we not only teach the academics but the way of thinking and design approach. Also we make students aware of latest trends and materials through market survey arranged by college.

  4. Ar. Smita Kulkarni

    This blog takes gradually through the memories. We DIDTians were very excited for our new campus. It was very mesmerising experience for we teachers and students. Thank you Dutta Sir for taking back to memories.

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