Diploma Certification Course in Photoshop



Course Content :

  1. Introduction Variations in Photoshop applications
  2. About Photoshop, Photoshop Features
  3. Key Board practice
  4. Editing Photo
  5. Opening and Importing images, Creating Documents with different sizes
  6. Marquee Tool
  7. Move tool, magic wand tool, quick selection tool, lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool,
    magnetic lasso tool
  8. Crop tool, slice tool, slice select tool, eyedropper tool, colour sampler tool, ruler
    tool, note tool, count tool
  9. Brush tool, patch tool, pencil tool, colour replacement tool, mixer brush tool
    Clone stamp tool, pattern tool, history brush tool
  10. Eraser tool, background eraser tool, magic eraser, gradient tool, paint bucket tool
    Pen shaping tool
  11. Path selection tool, direct selection tool, custom shape tools, hand tool, zoom tool


    Blur tool, sharpen tool, smudge tool, dodge tool, burn tool, sponge tool

  12. About colour information, Colour Modes
  13. Working with layers & layer styles
  14. Create Droplet
  15. About Copy Merged, Paste in to, Clear, Fill, Stroke
  16. Define Brush Pre-set, Define Pattern
  17. Free Transform, Scale, Rotate, Distort, Skew, Content-Aware Scale, Perspective
    Adjustments, Exposure, Curves Colour Balance, Black & White Selective Colour,
    Match colour, De-saturate, Replace colour
  18. Channel Mixer, Gradient Map Photo Filter, Shadow/Highlight Invert, Equalize
    Layer Mask


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